Ways to Lace Up For Better Running

Running has always been an exercise that is practised by many, regardless of age, weight, gender, and ability. It is the motion of your legs and the pumping of your muscles as they work to push ahead of all else and take the lead. In recent times, running has become a more widely participated activity, and there are many ways that a person can run. However, this is mainly affected by each person’s characteristics. Each person is unique. Therefore the way that they run is also different. Different stamina, different heights, and different levels of strength and motivation. This means that learning new methods to run may not work for everyone. However, there are many ways you could improve. Although it is not like others, where you strengthen your legs and work on your calorie intake. Instead, it has something to do with the way you tie your shoes.

Ways to Lace Up For Better Running
Ways to Lace Up For Better Running

Tying Your Shoes

As a lesson taught by mothers and fathers alike, tying your shoes is one of the many first things that you learn when you are a child. Some consider it troublesome, while others follow it like a religion ensuring that they are correctly tied as to ensure that no accidents occur. Either way, tying your laces are essential to your own safety, it is necessary to learning techniques for better running. Included in the list below are different ways to tie your shoelaces and how they can change the way that you run.

The Runner’s Loop

Probably one of the most useful ways to tie your laces is to tie the runner’s loop. This specific loop helps to secure your heel when you run. It ensures that your foot doesn’t slide forward when you are running and hit the front of your shoes. It allows your foot to relax and for the full force of your strength to be exerted from the bottom of your foot. The way to tie this specific loop is by threading the laces the usual way and stopping at the second last eyelet. Instead of crisscrossing it again, thread each lace respectively into the last hole to form a loop. Then thread the laces into the opposite loops made and then pull the laces so that they tighten. This will keep your ankle in place and stop your foot from moving forward. Tie normally after threading the laces through the loops.

Window Lacing

As suggested by the name, window lacing consists of a pattern created by your laces, which is missing a crisscross in the middle of the lacing. This pattern helps to alleviate any stress placed on the top of your foot and allows for ample space for the injury to heal on its own. The way to lace this particular design is through lacing the laces the same way you would with a regular shoe until you reach halfway. Then, move straight on to the next eyelet above the last threaded hole and crisscross once more. This will help to create the window lace design that is critical for the speedy healing of an injured upper foot.