The World’s Strangest Running Events

Running events come in all shapes and sizes, from short sprints to lengthy ultra-marathons. They can also be run on very different terrains, from smooth and almost bouncy track, to wild undulating cross country. We highlight some of the strangest running events in the world.

Coopers Hill Cheese Roll

Britain has always been thought of as a land full of eccentrics and this event really sorts of confirms that theory. Taking place in Gloucestershire, the home of the famous Double Gloucester Cheese, this event has to be the strangest on our list.

Competitors gather on the top of a huge hill awaiting the arrival of a mega nine pounds roll of cheese, the race starts when the cheese roll is pushed off the top to go hurtling downwards. Competitors chase after the cheese in attempt to catch it.

It is not so much a running events, as a tumble, slide, and fall race. And as the event occurs on the Spring Bank Holiday there can be a whole lot of mud on the hillside. Serious injuries of broken limbs are a common occurrence as competitor’s crash into each other.  

North American Wife Carrying Competition

Not to be outdone by their cousins across the Atlantic, the good people of Bethel, Maine have their own crazy running event. And at only two hundred and seventy-eight yards it is the shortest race on the list. The race involves men carrying their wives, girlfriends, or even complete strangers any way they can over an obstacle course of sand, water, and hurdles. The winner gets five times the weight of the women he is carrying, and direct entry to the world championship in Finland. The biggest gamble is if you are prepared to carry the heaviest woman to get a bigger prize.  

Cupid’s Undie Run

Another North American event, but this time takes place in twenty seven different American towns and cities at   the same time. The Cupid’s Undie Run takes place on Valentine’s Day weekend and you can wear virtually nothing when you compete, but most wear sexy night-ware.

Although bizarre, the race has contributed in raising millions of dollars for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, and bought much fun and merriment along the way to the on-looking crowd.

Marathon du Medoc

This event brings a new meaning to enjoying a glass of wine, the marathon is held in the famous wine region of Bordeaux and is just as much a celebration of wine as running. All along the route, nearly every mile, there are refreshment stations offering wine, and other assorted snacks, where runners can enjoy as much or as little as they want.

To add color and even more fun, competitors don fancy dress to run the hilly course, and the only rule is that you must finish in the six and half hours’ time limit. The Marathon du Medoc is a fun event and many charities benefit from the race.

These strange running events are just some of the more bizarre races that take place all over the world, and who ever said that running was not fun?