Common Mistakes Buying Running Shoes

The mistakes of buying correct sports shoes are often the same mistakes that people commonly make buying other items of clothing. The big difference is that selecting the wrong sports shoe can lead to injury and some of the problems can be complex and hard to resolve. These are some of the most common mistakes we all make when buying a new pair of sports shoes.


Many people take up sports and running in particular because they want to be fit and look good. And if part of looking good is wearing designer-type clothing then you will probably take this ethos into your sports shoes as well. Just because a sports shoe is made by a big brand name this not guarantee its first purpose is for exercise, it could be just for fashion and for a trip to the mall. Also by the same token a sports shoe that cost a couple of hundred dollars might not be the one that fits your foot the best.


Many specialist sports stores offer discounts to athletic club members and the like, always ask about discounts and ranges that have been superseded by new lines. It can be the case that last year’s model is half the price of the latest shoe because it has a stripe less or some other trivial update.

Wrong Size

A very common mistake when purchasing new sports shoes is buying the incorrect size, be it too small or too large. This can happen if you like a particular style and they do not have it in exactly your size, or you are trying on the shoe with a particularly thin sock. But often it is all down to vanity, especially with the ladies who do not want to be seen with shoes that are displaying a large size. Remember why you are buying the sports shoes in the first place, to exercise, and they should fulfil all the necessary requirements for their real purpose.

Shopping at the Wrong Time

Always shop for shoes either in the afternoon or the evening, the reason for that is your feet naturally swell from the minute you get up, and stop swelling around late afternoon. A shoe that fits you first thing may not at 5pm, so do your shoe shopping at the latter part of the day.

Never Assume Your Size

Everybody knows their shoe size, and it is a common mistake to take for granted that every shoe manufacturer works to the same measurement parameters. All shoe manufacturers do follow international standards of foot forms and sizes. However, not all the manufacturers use the same thickness of materials or follow the same stitching methods. For instance, Adidas are famous for having a very narrow fitting, whereas New Balance have a wider design suitable for flatter type feet. The answer to this is always try your shoes on before purchasing them, and never buy shoes online unless you are buying a duplicate pair that you already know fit.

These common mistakes are just that, stupid oversights that unfortunately many of us are guilty of. Following the advice in this blog you should never end up with the wrong pair of shoes on your feet.